Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pre-Construction Meeting

Our pre-construction meeting is set for next Wednesday (1/30). They should be flattening the lot before then. I'm excited! Now I need to make sure I have all my questions together. Please feel free to post any "must ask PM" questions. I would love to add them to my current list.



  1. How exciting!!!! I haven't forgotten--will send email shortly.

  2. I'm excited for you, our street is taking shape quickly all in the past few weeks!

    1. It is! I'm waiting to see more SOLD signs. Every weekend I see someone in there signing papers. This neighborhood is booming, which is good.

      The sooner they are done with construction the better. BTW- are you on the FB page. The women are having a ladies night out tomorrow at Hawthorne Pizza then drinks at Cosmos afterwards.

    2. I know. I wish someone would buy a lot next to me. I'm starting to hey worried you all are not telling me something about my side if the street. I was convinced we thought it through, LOL.

    3. Oh and I tried searching for the FB page but couldn't find it :(

  3. Don't be shy to ask to walk the lot or get a lot of details. I think you may have the same PM we do, and if so, be aware he's a great guy, warm and friendly but doesn't always volunteer a lot of detail Pre-con usually takes only about 45 minutes, instead of the 2-3 hours in the RH homeowners guide book or similar times other online bloggers have taken. You're really smart to think through your questions in advance.

    Make sure you understand where all your lights, switches, outlets and switched outlets are.

    Here's a tab I just noticed on another blog

    this is how my precon meeting went, but it's just my story at the time, not a coulda-shoulda post

  4. Pink, now is the time to ask the PM if you can widen the driveway (if you want it wider). If you don't like the chrome towel & toilet paper holders have the PM's make a note to leave them uninstalled. This makes your life easier so that you do not have holes to fill when replacing them. Also, if you are planning on putting a counter top on your washer/dryer you need to tell the PM at this meeting so they can drop the water/gas hookups a few feet so they do not interfere with your counter.