Monday, April 29, 2013


We sold our old bedroom set and just purchased the Broyhill set that I love. Hubby put it together Saturday (only the bed had to be assembled).

I have searched at several stores for a quality dining room table for the morning room. I have not found one that I like that is the right size and color. Therefore, I am left with no choice but to have one custom built to the size that i desire and stained the color that I so choose. I have priced it at one store. My manager just told me about another store where all the furniture is made by the Amish. They will also make custom pieces as well. I want SOLID WOOD ( no veneers)! I will make my decision after I visit this last store (tired of looking at this point). Either way, it will take 6-8 weeks for them to make it. I'll keep you posted.

10 days in

The boxes have cleared enough that the space is becoming livable. I hate that I wasn't able to take a week off to get everything together.

I have never lined so many shelves before in my life. I have been back and forth to the Container Store for my organizational needs (Of course, you want everything organized in your new home).

We still have the hard woods covered until we are done moving all the big stuff.

Here is what we've done thus far:
-main areas painted (which I LOVE the color), daughter's bedroom and laundry room
-ceiling fans put up in living room and master
-chandelier for formal dining room changed out
-blinds are all installed
-pink chandelier ordered for daughter bedroom (patiently awaiting the arrival since its on back order until July)

To do....a whole lot!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Laundry Room

Here is a pic of the laundry room I painted on Sunday. The color is SW Watery. I love the brightness. It kind of makes me want to go in the room and do some laundry.

Monday, April 22, 2013


As you can imagine things have been very busy since Friday. We are trying to get use to everything (it's so many light switches).

Here is the breakdown:
-the POD is unloaded except for the armoire and formal dining room table. It is NOT unpacked
-I painted the laundry room SW Watery and love it. Pics will come soon.
-Blinds are getting installed today in the rooms that are not getting painted
-The painter is painting the main areas for the next few days
-Cable get installed tomorrow

I received the signed CO this morning as well. We are all set!

Friday, April 19, 2013


We closed this morning! It took about an hour. The only problem we ran into was that the CO was approved but not signed yet. In this county only one person has the authority to sign. He was on vacation.

NVR had to get an exception to allow us to close. Delaying close to Monday was not an option for me. Luckily, they handled all of that prior to us arriving (getting approval to close and confirmation the CO was approved by the county). The CO will get signed Monday morning.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Few Pictures

Here are the pictures:

Landscaping done 

Foyer facing family room


My inspection went very well!! The Only issue found was that the AC unit was not
getting cold enough. They were working on that already. The only other thing is that we need a valve on the gas line on the back porch. That was it!

The house was cleaned yesterday. It went through the external quality check and received a 98.6%. That's pretty good!!

Everything is coming together!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013



We have our final inspection today. I can't wait to get the results. Do you all see that clock...I am counting down!!


The landscaping went in yesterday. My DH went out there to make sure all the debris was picked up before the sod went down. It was a lot of rocks in the front yard when we visited Sunday. The landscapers were already on it.

When we visited on Sunday, the wood floors were showing and the granite was uncovered. I am LOVING it! No, I didn't take pics. I was running around that day and had more errands to get to. I will be sure to take  pics at our final walk through on Thursday.

Monday, April 15, 2013


I can't believe that we are less than 4 days away from closing. I got my HUD statement today.

NVR has been AWESOME! They get a 10 from me!! I made copies of everything knowing they would ask me multiple times for the same docs... But not the case.

I love, love, love Michelle and Terri. The loan process has been painless and very simple. I would buy a Ryan home again just to use them.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


We have been busy this weekend trying to finalize our color selection. We have been back to SW to pick up more samples. We have decided on most of them except the accent color wall for the living room. I am hoping that I  can work backwards (find a pillow or lamp and then pick the color). We will see. I would hate to paint it the main color and then pay someone to come back later to paint it again.

Main Areas (foyer, living, kitchen, stairs, hallways)
Dhurrie Beige
 Morning Room (to pull out the gray tones in the granite)
Formal Dining Room?? I will wait to purchase the color selected until my POD is delivered. I haven't seen my formal dining room set since Aug and I can't recall the exact color of the fabric.

Princess Room

In the Pink


Disregard the horrible paint job. It was for sample purposes only. I am a CPA not a painter, LOL!

Something I picked up at Marshalls today. It will go over her bead (on the pink wall)

Laundry Room/Guest Bath 2nd floor

Friday, April 12, 2013

Paint Samples

I picked up 6 samples of paint this evening (for various rooms). I painted them on poster board. I can't wait to see how they look when they are dry in the morning.

I had two choices for the main areas.  I am definitely leaning towards one. We will see which one hubby chooses. For someone who claims they don't care, he is quick to give his 2 cents about not liking a color, SMH.

I haven't been by the house all week. I plan to stop by tomorrow with the poster board to confirm color selection and check on the progress. Closing is right around the corner.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pink Chandelier

I just went online to order the pink chandelier for my daughters room. I am so mad it's on back order! It won't be available until July. So I have to decide whether to wait on it or find something else. I really haven't seen anything like it elsewhere.

BTW- let me know if anyone comes across a Pottery Barn Kids coupon. Every little bit helps!

Close Date Changed

My close date was moved to April 19th. I will take it! That gives me the weekend to unload the POD and have it ready for them to pick up on the 23rd (before they charge me again). Can't believe I am 9 days out!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Early Close Request

I have requested that we close early so that I can return the POD before we are charged another month. My girl Terri said the loan is a go, YAY!  Now I am just waiting for what is the earliest date they can accommodate us. I would love to do the walk through and close the same day. We will see! They have to confirm with the PM prior to changing the date.

I am EXCITED. The clock is dwindling down.  

Color Consultation

I went by the house today since I had appointment with the color consultant. One of the windows in the master bedroom was broke. My cabinet door is still broke. There was also blue tape throughout the house for places that need to be touched up.

The color consultation went well. We picked out the colors throughout the house except the bonus and office. Those are my hubby places so he can decide those colors. The secondary guest bedroom upstairs will hopefully be a nursery so we didn't choose colors for that room either.

Next steps is getting the samples painted on poster board. The color consultation came with buy one quart get one free. She gave me plenty of coupons to pick up my samples. SW is having a sale on paint next week so I have little time to solidify my choices. Plus i need to get the paint for the main areas that will be done prior to moving in. I will take pics this weekend to share!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


How could I forget to add that yesterday I purchased all the blinds for the house (except for the morning room)? We have 20 windows. This is why I didn't add any extra windows (didn't want to cover them, LOL). I went with the supplier that provides for Ryan. He really had the best rate for what I was looking for. I am VERY particular about the valance on my blinds. It only takes half down to order them but I took care of the full amount. That way I can budget what I have left for towels, linen, etc.

The morning room will either get cellular shades or roman shades. I'm not sure yet. I have to figure out the color scheme first for that room. He will put paper shades on these windows for free (which he should with the money that I am spending). I really can't complain because in my last house I spent the same on blinds and my house was smaller.

Monday, April 1, 2013


After a wonderful service on Resurrection Sunday, we stopped by Home Depot to purchase a new formal dining room chandelier (hate the existing fixture). We also picked up a ceiling fan for the family room (we had already purchased one for this room but will put it in the master bedroom instead since a chandelier in the MB is NOT going to fly with hubby).

We had the painter come out today and give us a quote for painting the main living areas (foyer, family room, kitchen, stairs, hallway) and daughter's bedroom and bath. Quote was good, now for the hard part....deciding on colors. I have two weeks to make a decision. I will have to paint a few large swatches on poster board before deciding.

Well I am trying to decide on which chandelier for my baby girls room. I have to figure out if I want pink or purple. I might let her decide but I really like the pink one (she will  probably choose the purple one)! Thanks Summer ( for turning me on to the purple chandelier.