Monday, April 29, 2013

10 days in

The boxes have cleared enough that the space is becoming livable. I hate that I wasn't able to take a week off to get everything together.

I have never lined so many shelves before in my life. I have been back and forth to the Container Store for my organizational needs (Of course, you want everything organized in your new home).

We still have the hard woods covered until we are done moving all the big stuff.

Here is what we've done thus far:
-main areas painted (which I LOVE the color), daughter's bedroom and laundry room
-ceiling fans put up in living room and master
-chandelier for formal dining room changed out
-blinds are all installed
-pink chandelier ordered for daughter bedroom (patiently awaiting the arrival since its on back order until July)

To do....a whole lot!!


  1. DH went "what color do you want to paint the laundry room and bathroom". My response "Whatever Chevonne used to paint hers" LOL

    1. LOL, that will be the laundry room color of the street. My neighbor has her laundry room the same color!

    2. Lol! She does have good taste!

  2. Wow, that's a lot accomplished for only 10 days in - especially with no time off!

    I agree with you about the new home organization.

    Has it set in yet that it is your home??

    1. Yes, I just walk around like...I love it!!! Thank you JESUS!

  3. Girl, you are on it! I need to come get some tips! I have only painted the downstairs bathroom and laundry