Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Roxul is Ordered

Thanks to everyone for their comments/suggestions (Henry you are a life saver, just ordered more Roxul). I ordered Roxul online from Lowe's on Sunday. Afterwards, I read reviews that sometimes it arrives weeks later than the expected delivery date. Therefore, for peace of mind, I ordered some from a builder supplier. I called one yesterday  that gave me a quote (high) and another place today whose quote was basically the same price as Lowes (SCORE). They placed the order and it will definitely be here on Friday (it only takes 2-3 days...it's only coming from Greensboro), YAY! I plan to return the Lowes order. 

I still have to purchase my regular type insulation for the garage and buy a head light. I will do that tomorrow, hopefully! I need to get it in before I party HARD this weekend during the CIAA basketball tournament!


If you used Roxul insulation, can your confirm that one piece is equivalent to one area between the studs? So if the package says 8 pieces, I can insulate between 8 studs. I want to make sure that I am ordering enough.

What is a good light source to use while insulating since you have to do it during the evening with no power?

My pre-drywall meeting is set up for Friday, 3/1.

Monday, February 25, 2013


The PM was already on the tub situation. He noticed it Friday. New tub will be installed tomorrow. YAY!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wrong Tub/Guardian

I went by the house to check on the progress and realized that they have the fiberglass tub in the 1st floor bedroom. Thankfully, the sales office was still open. I told the SR to email the PM to let him know that the ceramic tile bath should be on the main floor. I hate I didn't realize it earlier. I saw two tubs on the lawn but I just assumed that only one was going in MY house (DUH...I know)! Hopefully, this is taken care of soon since the plumbers are coming tomorrow.

We have our Guardian appointment tomorrow evening. Now the fun begins with making sure I pick the right location for items...NO PRESSURE!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

NVR-April Settlement

NVR emailed requesting additional items they need for my April settlement. My loan officer is really nice and they stay on top of it. I have enjoyed my encounters with them thus far. I gathered all the data except the 2012 taxes (getting stuff together this weekend) and homeowners insurance. I thought I had more time for this but they want it by the end of next week. I need to call a few more places about insurance and decide on the best option.

Fun fun, adding things to my to-do list.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ladies Night Out/ Framing

Ladies Night Out

I really enjoyed meeting the ladies in my community tonight. They were so much fun! Makes me even more excited about moving into the neighborhood with such nice people.


Well, I didn't visit the house Tuesday or Wednesday since I got off work too late. My DH went out there today and took the following pictures. Can we say...WOW... that was fast!!

Guardian called me today to set up my walkthrough on Monday. Monday is plumbing, Tuesday HVAC and Electrical on Wed & Thursday.

Men at work

Monday, February 18, 2013

First Floor Framing

Well of course I had to stop by the house today since I knew they were going to start framing. I caught the guys in action. I stopped by around noon. The second floor should be going up tomorrow.

From the Back

Friday, February 15, 2013


I have wood! My PM called last Friday (2/8) and told me that the wood would be there on Monday (2/11). He thought that it would be framed by early this week. Well, we had some bad weather come through and it wasn't framed.

Can I say that I LOVE his communication skills. He called me yesterday to let me know they would start framing today.  He called me today to let me know they were delayed with finishing the house down the street. They will start framing my house on Monday( 2/18). Yay, that means I don't have to go back out there this weekend, LOL!

Here are some pictures of the wood that will create my new home.

Rome next door almost done! We have the same garage door!

Surrounds for the secondary baths

Friday, February 8, 2013

PM Update

My PM called earlier this week to let me know that they received the permit (YAY)! He called me again today to tell me that they poured my slab. I can't wait to stop by this weekend to take some pics. The lumber is expected to come on Monday. Framing should begin early next week...I am SO EXCITED!

I'm so glad that my PM gets an "A" so far for keeping me in the loop.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

PM Update...ALREADY!

I am happy that my PM is on it... ALREADY! I checked my voicemail and he had left me a message on Friday informing me that they still hadn't received the permit (although the plans were submitted early). He will give them a call on Monday. Hopefully, the permits will come through soon before it causes a delay in our timeline.

I visited the community this weekend and there was wood for two homesites on the neighboring street. The community is moving along.

Friday, February 1, 2013


If you purchased blinds for your house, what brand did you use? Where did you purchase? In our last house we used a company that specialized in blinds. It was kind of expensive.  I'm not sure if we will go that route again this time.

Please share your experience with store purchased vs. custom blinds.