Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wrong Tub/Guardian

I went by the house to check on the progress and realized that they have the fiberglass tub in the 1st floor bedroom. Thankfully, the sales office was still open. I told the SR to email the PM to let him know that the ceramic tile bath should be on the main floor. I hate I didn't realize it earlier. I saw two tubs on the lawn but I just assumed that only one was going in MY house (DUH...I know)! Hopefully, this is taken care of soon since the plumbers are coming tomorrow.

We have our Guardian appointment tomorrow evening. Now the fun begins with making sure I pick the right location for items...NO PRESSURE!


  1. Glad you got that fixed! This guardian meeting is easier because you can actually see where the wiring goes. One thing we kept in mind is to put the wiring somewhere that, if you choose to move a TV especially, it still looks ok and can be used. That is why we didn't put plugs in the middle of the wall for TVs that will be hung. If you decide to move it, there is a plug in the middle of the wall! Just a thought! Good luck, you are moving right along!

    1. We only have one TV that we plan to hang in the office. Do you just hide the cords and keep the outlets at the bottom?

  2. It is great that you caught the tub issue. One thing to think about with guardian is where the wires will be if you have a desk top computer. In our office we have a ton of wires showing because of how we have the desk placed in the room. I should have thought about that earlier. Another thing to double check is with your light switch. I have two bedrooms where the light switch is near the cable jacks. Which is so silly because in one room, my master bedroom, I have my lights on our nightstand and can not turn my lights on by the master switch. I was told that the lights would be on the opposite side of the room--they were not. So, now I have a remote to turn on our lights. It 's a quick solution to a problem that could have been fixed during construction if I paid attention. Good luck with your meeting!