Sunday, February 3, 2013

PM Update...ALREADY!

I am happy that my PM is on it... ALREADY! I checked my voicemail and he had left me a message on Friday informing me that they still hadn't received the permit (although the plans were submitted early). He will give them a call on Monday. Hopefully, the permits will come through soon before it causes a delay in our timeline.

I visited the community this weekend and there was wood for two homesites on the neighboring street. The community is moving along.


  1. Maybe you saw me while you were out there :) We went walking a lot since we had a bunch of house showings. Rosemont is my escape when someone wants to see the house.

  2. Oh question for you. Upstairs bathroom -- I assumed if I didn't get the double sink that I would still have as much cabinet as I would with two, but SR said no it would be half the size. Don't you think that is going to look empty? I can't find a lot of pictures of it online and I am kind of scrambling now to decide whether to add the double bowl. What do you think?

    1. I have visited someone that has our same model without the double bowl and there is A LOT of space between the single cabinet and the toilet (even the placement of the tissue holder is awkward). It looks like something should go in that space (like another sink, LOL). I guess you could add a standup cabinet or a cute laundry basket.

      When I visited the other Veronas in the community they ALL had the double bowl in the secondary bathroom so that made me more at ease about the decision.

    2. I think you are right. I talked to SR yesterday and he will write up the change order. After I commented I saw you had that other picture under one of your other posts and I was like "Oh, no."

    3. I knew I had taken a picture of one but didn't know if it was posted. I'm glad you found it.