Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Roxul is Ordered

Thanks to everyone for their comments/suggestions (Henry you are a life saver, just ordered more Roxul). I ordered Roxul online from Lowe's on Sunday. Afterwards, I read reviews that sometimes it arrives weeks later than the expected delivery date. Therefore, for peace of mind, I ordered some from a builder supplier. I called one yesterday  that gave me a quote (high) and another place today whose quote was basically the same price as Lowes (SCORE). They placed the order and it will definitely be here on Friday (it only takes 2-3 days...it's only coming from Greensboro), YAY! I plan to return the Lowes order. 

I still have to purchase my regular type insulation for the garage and buy a head light. I will do that tomorrow, hopefully! I need to get it in before I party HARD this weekend during the CIAA basketball tournament!


  1. Or maybe I can buy it from you for when I need it! Or I should just hire you to put it in my house for me. lol

    1. LOL!! We all must enjoy the experience of installing extra insulation in our home! I will help you!

  2. Good thinking, this blog is awesome, I found this tip too late, and I now live with water noise alll the time...!!

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