Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Color Consultation

I went by the house today since I had appointment with the color consultant. One of the windows in the master bedroom was broke. My cabinet door is still broke. There was also blue tape throughout the house for places that need to be touched up.

The color consultation went well. We picked out the colors throughout the house except the bonus and office. Those are my hubby places so he can decide those colors. The secondary guest bedroom upstairs will hopefully be a nursery so we didn't choose colors for that room either.

Next steps is getting the samples painted on poster board. The color consultation came with buy one quart get one free. She gave me plenty of coupons to pick up my samples. SW is having a sale on paint next week so I have little time to solidify my choices. Plus i need to get the paint for the main areas that will be done prior to moving in. I will take pics this weekend to share!


  1. Pink, keep in mind there will probally be much patch work as the house moves your first year. I have soooo many nail pops and cracks and blemishes, there will be much drywall work to be done at my 10month. Is there anyone out there who painted right away and ran into problems at their 10 month? Im scared to paint for it only to be ruined!

    I know that RH will use whatever paint you provide for them as a touch up, but they arent going to care if it doesnt blend, I know this from experience, they are going to paint their little box of repair on the wall and leave you with the mess!

    I hope you have very little drywall issues, here are good thoughts coming your way :)

    1. Hey,

      Yes, I know there will be nail pops. There will be nail pops even after the first year. We are not painting the entire house but I just CAN't live with white walls for a year. So the main areas must be painted for me.

      Still hoping for very few dry wall issues.

    2. I agree, we couldn't live with white walls either. That's partially why we did the paint package...the will at least paint it the color w chose. I'm mostly concerned with the rooms with high ceilings. We will do some accent walls but not touching the walls that require scaffolding to paint.

      Did Sherwin Williams offer the color consultation?

    3. Yes, they do. Only certain SW stores offer it.

  2. I cant wait to see you choices! We have only picked colors for the kids rooms, will most likely stay neutral for the rest of the house.

  3. Nice! Can't wait to see your choices.

    I like the idea of a color consultation and may have to spring for one of my own when it comes to paint time.

  4. In our community, they will not repaint the repairs if done on custom colors. So, we chose to wait to paint. There were so many other things to work on that we didnt mind waiting the ten months. The service manager also said that repairs don't take the same on top of paint with a different sheen, so they are often noticeable. We had plenty of drywall repairs done, so I'm glad we waited to paint. Btw, we had our color consultation yesterday. It was so much fun picking colors for the house!

  5. Can't wait to see the results of the consultation. I am the same way I will not be able to live with white walls. In our previous home we didn't get nail pops or crack until almost 5 years in

  6. Choosing a theme color for the house is really hard, which is why it's very important to seek advice from an expert. You're really fortunate to have a good and reliable color consultant. You know what? I'm pretty excited to know how it looks like. Please do keep us posted!