Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our First Addendum

Today was a full day! We got out this morning on the search to visit several hardwood and carpet stores to see if upgrading was a deal or if we should consider installing after moving in. After several quotes for both, we decided to keep with our hardwoods and upgraded carpet through Ryan. It would cost us just as much if not more to install after the fact once you factor in LABOR (which is ridiculously priced).

So we met with our SR today to go over some changes. Here are the changes thus far:

  • Removed the closet from the bonus
  • Removed the tile backsplash in the kitchen (would be much cheaper to do after the fact plus I prefer a wider selection to choose from)
  • Removed the granite from the 1st floor bath (decided it wasn't necessary since it is just a guest bath)
  • Changed the 1st floor bedroom to the front. A study in the front is too much space for us, therefore we put the bedroom in the front so that we can put our existing bedroom set in the room. 
  • Changed to full brick front
  • Added the garage door with half circle windows ( I think it's called the resort style door)
  • Added an additional light prewire for the study (all other rooms have a light or fan...I missed this room initially).
I also received answers to the following questions:
  1. Placement of microwave- Above stove
  2. Height of cabinets in master bath- Raised vanity height
  3. Finish of fixtures in master bath- Nickel
  4. Light placement outside the house- front door, both sides of the garage and above sliding door
  5. Is there a light in master closet-yes

We are considering changing the color of our hardwoods to a contrasting color. Now I have to set up another appointment with Rite Rug to see the other colors they offer before our deadline (19th).

Here are some pics of the brick and siding that we chose: 
Brick-Grand Caramel, Shutters-Black, Siding- Graphite Grey

I need to remember to set up early appointments with my SR since it is SO busy on Saturday's! All of this in a days work! 


  1. I love the grand caramel brick! That's going to look really nice!

  2. I like the changes you have made.I think that was a good idea to change the counter top for the guest bedroom!!!

    1.'s not a must. We don't even have guest like that. It's only family that visit, lol!

  3. Nice choices! I love your brick as well. By the way I moticed you're in NC as well...what part?

    1. Hi Courtney, I'm in South Charlotte!