Monday, March 4, 2013

Roxul Pictures

I am so glad that I went ahead and placed the order with the construction company. The order I placed with Lowe's last Sunday that was supposed to be here on Friday March never came in. If you are in the Charlotte area, the best place to order Roxul at a good price ($1 more than Lowe's) is The Building Center in Pineville. It takes only 2-3 days to come in (it was only 2 for me).

If you are not in the Charlotte area, I would call Roxul and ask for the nearest supplier (which is how I found this place). Roxul gave me the number to the supplier and the supplier gave me the number to two locations that could order it for me. Note: when you call the construction company they might not know what you are referring to. You have to let them know the name of the supplier. I had to send pictures of the item. After receiving the quote from both companies, I placed the order.

The pictures on the internet looks NOTHING like the package it actually comes in.

You will need a truck to pick these up. I ordered 4-16" and 1-24". I will be installing on Wednesday. I will take before and after pictures. Drywall is expected on Wednesday or Thursday.


  1. I told you they were large :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, I asked my PM to hold off drywalling until Friday. I really don't want to do it during the evening hours. We will see!

  3. you had to do the installation yourself?

  4. you had to do the installation yourself?