Friday, March 15, 2013


I guess I am one of few people that have not had a problem with communication.
·         SR’s- are great! They respond to any email that I send. They are also very welcoming when I visit the office.
·         PM- calls every Friday morning to update me. He also calls throughout the week if there is something that I need to know. He has been AWESOME!
·         NVR- responds to every message. Has not asked for duplicate information yet. I love my LO, she is very pleasant to speak with and answers any and all questions timely.
My PM told me today that we should get our closing letter next week…YAY!
I’m picking out my granite slabs today! Will try to take and post pictures later.


  1. That is awesome, great to hear some positive reviews! My SR has been quick to respond to my emails and I'm hoping our PM provides regular updates and responds favorably to our concerns. Fingers crossed we don't run into any NVR issues either.

    Your closing letter coming soon - you are almost there :)

    Have fun picking out your granite! I'm sure it will be fabulous and I can't wait to see pics!

  2. Consider yourself lucky. I pray that the rest of your experience remains this smooth. Our PM is the bomb, our SR actually left the company during our building process so we were transferred to another SR and the lender (not NVR)...well, don't get me started. All drama and delays aside, our interest rates are wonderful and we saved a ton on closing. The stress is melting away :)

  3. That is great! Our SR is wonderful and our PM is very responsive he always responds to my inquiries with the same answer "we have to push your start date back" lol just kidding but he is really responsive.

    NVR told me upfront that we would have to submit some documentation twice like bank statements and check stubs so I expect it.

    1. Yes, they will ask for multiple bank statements and check stubs but not for the same month. When we first signed our PA (back in Dec) we sent them Nov/Dec. Recently we sent them Jan/Feb. Prior to close, I am sure they will want March-present.