Friday, November 1, 2013

Granite Update

My PM came to the rescue. He sent the granite company that installed the kitchen out to look at my granite. They removed the stain and resealed it!

Since they were out, I had them do the first floor bath. I also switched out the sink for a square one. LOVE IT!!

Fixtures will get installed this weekend. I will post a finished picture after it's done!


  1. What a diff square makes! It looks amazing and contemporary...Love it!!

  2. I love that sink...was that an upgrade from Ryan Homes or did you do it yourself?

    1. It was done after the fact. Ryan only offer their standard thin granite. I wanted all the granite on the 1st floor to match. So i had the same company that installed the kitchen granite to install a new sink and granite in the bathroom. It cost me about $30 more than what Ryan charged as an upgrade.